This One is Deep

I'm going to set a few records straight... Christians are NOT perfect nor should we claim to be. At the same time imperfection should not be used as a crutch, we know exactly where we stand on our faults. Christians should not share their faith without love in their heart or with an overbearing demeanor, though it is done many times. 

Christians should not be hypocritical, we are born into sin just like everyone else. Christians are NOT an accurate depiction of Christ, as He is perfect and cannot be matched. Christians are merely ones who were lost in sin and searched for One that can carry them through the harsh realities of life. We are not able to 'save' anyone, all we can do is show others who saved us from our sin. It is not us, but the Love of God, the example of Christ and the movement of the Holy Spirit that draws men in. 

Christians do not know the Bible back to front, but we all have a testimony that is God-given, truth breathed and cannot be taken from us. We try as best as we can to follow the teachings of the Bible so as to show our love for God to grow ourselves as God's children. When a Christian approaches you to share the Gospel, he is not doing so to make you look bad, he is doing so because he has never felt so free and so alive knowing that he no longer carries a single burden alone, and wants to share this freely-given gift with you so that you may experience it personally. Sharing the Gospel is one of the greatest forms of love that we can share. Christ died on the cross for everyone, whether you believe or not, for our sins and we cling to that perfect sacrifice every day we live. 

Claiming to be a Christian is one of the biggest responsibilities that one can have as we are depicted as Christ-like and this is the only physical way the world can see what Christ was like. 

Do not look to Christians, rather look to the one we follow, Christ, for a glimpse of pure love, perfection and truth.

By: Matthew G. R. James

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