Perceptive Perspective

This is purely informational. It is by no means, all. This is a, conveniently compact, summary of me. This is where I come from, where I am, and where I’m going. This is just to give you some perspective, because I believe there is no better teacher. I intend for great things to follow this, my first textual post as a blogger. 

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa. The year was 1991. That was twenty years ago. I’ve always wanted to write an autobiography because I think that my two decades have been rather extraordinary. This should serve as a good idea of what I’d hope to achieve in my book of me, one day. This is not a carefully constructed piece. This is not everything. There are no tricks or underlying messages. Here it is, unrehearsed, straightforward and simple.

 I’ve never left the country and also never been tired of it. I love this place, it is my home. I am African. Sure, I’ve been around a bit. When I was two years old my parents and I moved from The Mother City to the heart of the Eastern Cape on the verge of the Transkei. My mother came from this place; she is still in the area although things are a bit different. My parents came to a fork in their road and they took separate paths.  I was 16 then. Also, I have a brother. He is three years younger than me and every day I love him more. I still remember the day our Mom and Dad sat us down and told us that we would no longer live under the same roof. The age difference between my parents is 13 years. When my Mom started school my Dad was in the Army. It was inevitable. So be it, April 1st, 2007. Yes, April Fools’ Day, Irony couldn’t get any crueller. That’s not to say it wasn’t for the best. Things eased up in some places and got tougher in others. You grow up fast when you’re the ‘Head of the House’.  Being manic-depressive makes things interesting too.  ‘Another day; another vendetta’. 

To quote my Mom, “The toughest steel goes through the hottest fire.” It keeps me going. My Dad has since moved back to his home, Cape Town, after a few years of living life in a daze. I cannot blame him, it must be incredible difficult. I love that man so much. My Mom has found the man of her dreams in a strong, focused farmer and quite frankly I couldn’t be happier for her. My parents’ happiness is a yolk which I gladly carry. We are pulling a bit heavy on Dad’s side but he’s coming right. 

I regard myself as a farm boy. I grew up on a farm. The memories of that incredible place are deeply rooted in my being. I shan’t begin to explain it all here and now. The time will come when I will pour over those 14 years we spent in rural Africa and somehow come to terms with how much it means to me. I lived in town for three years as well. We decided that travelling in and out of town plus-minus 100 kilometres a day was getting a bit much after doing it for 12 or so years. I am immensely proud of the school I attended, www.queenscollege.co.za, where I was bred into the upstanding man I believe I am, today.

Since matriculating with good results I’ve moved to NMB – The acronym sounds better than ‘Nelson Mandela Bay’. It's more commonly known as Port Elizabeth. I’m in my second year of studies at this point in time, a Bachelor of Arts in Media, Communication and Culture. I am doing well in all aspects of the ‘student life’. I live in a very decent place with my much loved cousin, I drive the car of my dreams, I do well in my studies, I love the people who surround me, especially my fantastic girlfriend of 10 months. So, life is pretty much all I’ve ever wanted out of it. I wouldn’t swap it for anyone else’s. 

I’ll be done with studying soon. I don’t know where I am going or how I am going to get there but the big man upstairs always has and always will provide solid ground under my feet. I’m a believer who can testify to divine intervention. 

I am one with myself; thank you.

Here and now, I am.

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